10 Of The Most Amazing & Unique Modes Of Transportation!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


Double Round Skates

Unlike conventional roller skates the Double Round Skates allows the rider to freely manage their feet and maneuver around. At the very bottom of the futuristic skates are two small wheels that allow the rider to move around freely. It is no doubt that these skates require a lot of getting used to. However, once you get used to them you will surely grow to enjoy the unique roller skates!



Hoverboards have been an idea for several decades, but as technology has advanced we have begun to see them emerge in the automotive world.  One company known as HENDO, have come the closest to creating a fully functional hoverboard and it is quite impressive. The board is able to hover an inch above the ground and has four disc shaped motors that create a magnetic field that help to keep the board off of the ground! The board is still undergoing testing, but we definitely cannot wait to give the futuristic ride a test in the near future!


One Wheeled Electric Skateboard

Two wheel skateboards are among the most popular modes of alternative transportation around. However, more recently a one wheeled electric skateboard has emerged and it is sending the skate world in a buzz. The board acts as a self balancing uni cycle of sorts and relys heavily on the riders body weight to maneuver around. The machine is capable of hitting speeds up to 10mph and can tackle just about any terrain. Overall, once you can get used to riding on one wheel you may not want to switch back to two!