The 10 Most Breathtaking Motorcycle Rides in North America!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


The Three Sisters (aka The Twisted Sisters), Texas

The magnificent Three Sisters route starts in Medina Texas and stretches out for quite a while. It is a route that has been described as truly magnificent and offers up some of the best that Texas has to offer. From clear full rivers, twisty mountain curves, vast Texas ranches and so much more, there is very little that this route does not offer.

The route is not difficult to ride, but offers the inevitable twists and turns that many of the routes featured on this list will have. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a decent speed and keep your eye out on the road. The road is not heavily traveled, and offers a very secluded and therapeutic experience for those traveling on it.

The Three Sister ride is great for solo trips, but is just as great when shared with your closest riding buddies. Certainly one of the finer roads in America the Three Sisters offers an experience unlike anything else. Whether you are from Texas or wanting to travel this is one experience every rider should have at least once.

America is full of incredible routes as you will see on this list. From the simpler ones like the Three Sisters to some of the more dangerous and risky. America is packed with some of the most magnificent landscapes and we are lucky enough to have immediate access to all of the beauty. Use this incredible list to plan our next North American Road trip! We are sure you will be unable to resist after checking out this list!


Arkansas Pig Trail, Arkansas

As you travel through the town of White Oak, AR you will want to take Highway 23 and venture onto the incredible Arkansas Pig Trail.  The ride takes you through Ozark National Forest and offers a rugged and breathtaking landscape that is sure to thrill any rider.

Spring wildflowers and brilliant autumn foliage make the route especially popular during those seasons. however, it is a route that has something to offer all throughout the year. The route crosses the Mulberry River and the 165-mile Ozark Highlands Trail making it a haven for wildlife and vast landscape.

Hair raising hairpin turns, switchbacks, curves and hills are what you can expect on this unique journey. However, it is nothing the average rider couldn’t handle. As long as you watch your speed and pay attention to the road then this journey will offer you some of the most rewarding riding time of your life.

The Pig Trail provides numerous recreational opportunities. Enjoy open fields and pastures, rugged cedar breaks and rocky bluffs or the banks of the Mulberry River. There are options for all types of riders and even if you just want to drive through the Pig Trail you will still feel deeply enriched by the majestic riding experience.


Cherohala Skyway, Tennessee

If you are looking for breathtaking views around every curve then the Cherohala Skyway is certainly the route for you. Located around  the area surrounding Monroe County, Tennessee and the Cherokee National Forest it is considered some of the world’s best riding. This is not a route to take in the winter seasons.

However, spring and summer will offer some of the most extraordinary views America has to offer.  The road is also known for its sweeping curves that have taken some riders lives. It is vital to watch your speed on the Cherohala Skyway because hitting a turn too fast can send you flying off of the road or underestimating a turn and crashing.

Therefore, like many of the roads on this list, it is important to take your time and simply take in everything the route has to offer.  As you ascend through the Skyway you will reach an elevation of 54000 feet high. The views are absolutely magnificent and truly therapeutic as you feel the wind hit your face and observe the beauty around you.

Because the route can be so dangerous we say it is better to go with a friend or a group just so you can have some backup in case anything goes wrong. However if you are daring enough, this route can be amazing solo if you watch your speed and take it safe!