10 Craziest Car Chases From Movies Are Hot Enough To Pop Your Theater Popcorn Quick!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The French Connection Car Chase

The French Connection

WOW. The epic car chase from The French Connection has got to be my favorite classic movie car chase ever. Taking place beneath an elevated New York City train track as the cop played by the wonderful Gene Hackman chases a bad guy in the train, this 20-block long car chase scene has got it all: pedestrians, crashes, razor thin margins, and so much more! The legend is that the director had the stunt driving done all in a single shoot on a street that was NOT closed and involved normal folks driving and walking without knowing they were in the middle of a movie car chase.  

Goldeneye Car Chase


Hey, any movie car chase that has a military main battle tank crashing through bridges, buildings, statues, overpasses, and even a truck full of Perrier as it chases a car deserves a spot on this list! Bravo Bond, James Bond! This 17th James Bond film is not only Pierce Brosnan’s greatest film of all time. The tank v car chase it has is the greatest work ever done by stunt car director Remy Julienne. 

Ronin Car Chase


Though Ronin has a well deserved reputation of being a car chase movie, the truth is that it has got one car chase scene that stands out! This main car chases scene required the skills 300+ plus stunt drivers as this chase raced its way through the windy and crowded streets of Paris. The segment in which two drivers drive against traffic on a busy highway is INSANE!