10 Most Dangerous Race Tracks DESTROY All Motorcycles And F1, NASCAR, Rally Cars

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10. Circuit de Monaco

Sure, although the Circuit de Monaco race track is located in one of the most picturesque spots on the planet, the sovereign city-state of Monaco on the French Riviera of the Western Mediterranean there is no denying just how deadly this tight little street circuit track has been over the years.

In fact, since its first race way back in 1929, four people have been killed on this storied race track. However, things have been pretty safe lately with no deaths taking place there since the late 60s. That said, its tight turns and narrow streets ensure that the Circuit de Monaco remains one of the most dangerous stop each Formula 1 season.

If you think you have never heard of the Circuit de Monaco, it is probably because you know it by its more common name, Monte Carlo, which was given to this race track because most of it is on the city streets of Monaco’s Monte Carlo neighborhood. Dang, this is one race track I simply must visit one year in May when it is hosting the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. By the way, the race car driver POV video footage shot on this track in the video at the end of this top 10 list is AMAZING!


9. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey

The Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey is a mighty fine raceway park consisting of a two-kilometer road circuit, three motocross tracks, and two drag strips.

All of this means, the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park has a very good collection of types of race tracks for very bad things to happen. And happen, they do! Since this New Jersey raceway park opened in 1965, a number of drivers have met their Maker there with two drag race drivers, Neal Parker and Scott Kalitta, being recently killed at a NHRA Supernationals qualifying meet. Kalitta’s was killed while racing in the final round of qualifying in the Funny Car category.

His funny car’s nitro burners exploded his funny car’s engine which damaged the car’s parachutes preventing them from opening and slowing the car that was speeding at close to 300 miles per hour as it went off the end of the paved drag track and plowed through the sand trap at more than 120 miles per hour and then OVER the concrete retaining wall to keep on going until it slammed into a telescopic boom lift heavy equipment vehicle.

The top 10 dangerous race tracks video at the end of this list shows part of this funny flying down the strip on fire.


8. Guia Circuit Macau

Macao is a pretty odd place. Though it is in China, this little gambling Mecca was administered by Portugal from the 1700s until 1999. And, the Guia Circuit race track in Macao is a rather odd race track.

Still following the exact same 6.2-kilometer layout it first had when it was first conceived of back in 1954, the Guia Circuit hosts all sorts of races from Grand Prix racing, Formula 3 GP, motorcycle racing, and other types of car racing. Oh, and they often times host these different types of motor sports events all within the same week. This Chinese race track is especially dangerous due to its tight corners, limited spots for overtaking, narrow roads, and bumpy surfaces.

Oh, and what really makes the Macao race track stand out is its elevation changes that has racers climbing and descending 30 meters with each lap. Few other such tracks have any hill climbing at all. And, of course, there have been deaths on this circuit. In 2012, motorcycle rider Luis de Sousa Carreira and touring car racer Phillip Yau Wing-Choi were both killed on this track.

A rather brutal race car crash on the Macao race track can be watched in full in the video following this list.