10 Future U.S. Megaprojects That Will Vastly Improve Day To Day Life

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In the video below you’ll learn about 10 megaprojects that the United States ...

In the video below you’ll learn about 10 megaprojects that the United States desperately needs to complete in the near future.  These are improvements that will undoubtedly make life in those states a little less hectic.  Unfortunately, the cities and states desperately in need of assistance are forced to wait around for approval and then wait again, for funding.   It is a waiting game that cities and states are more than willing to play.

Some of the megaprojects  hoping to get the green light sooner rather than later are:  A $10 billion bullet train in Texas, a $700 million plan to improve the  South Carolina Dams, adding a metro line in the Washington, DC area at a cost of $5.6 billion, and there are two projects that are expected to cost taxpayers $100 billion each – The Northeast Corridor Maglev and the Hudson River Rail Tunnel, both will severely cut commuting times in half in their respective cities.  And those are just five of the ten proposed megaprojects awaiting the go-ahead from the government.

To learn more about the five megaprojects mentioned, as well as, the remaining five that weren’t talked about all you gotta do is click the video below.

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