10 Unbelievable Vehicle to House Conversions That Will Blow Your Mind

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If vehicles are no longer roadworthy or if they can no longer function the way they used to be, they often end up in a junkyard but for some highly creative individuals, they could be something else.
Today, we are listing down some cool masterpiece. Here are some impressive vehicles converted into a home!

1. Garbage Truck Converted Into A Luxurious Home

Based on how it looks today, you can never imagine that this was a garbage truck before. This guy converted a garbage truck into his very own luxurious RV.
The truck is complete with living amenities including a surprisingly spacious living room, a custom galley kitchen, a wonderful home office with a path to the front cab and even a space good enough to carry a dirtbike on the back!

2. 1925 Chevrolet House Car

When we are talking about classic cars like a 1925 Chevrolet Superior car, the first thin that will come to any builder’s mind is to restore it back to its former glory.
This converted car is not just your typical motor home and in fact, it has a huge historical significance. Interestingly, The Chevrolet House Car was built before the days when motor homes were available commercially.
It was built on a one-ton Chevrolet chassis with a 125-inch wheelbase pulled by a 4-cylinder 35-horsepower motor and ran on a 6-volt electrical system

3. Old Train Converted To A Luxury Guest House

Lizzy and David Stroud started to convert their first sleeper carriage which they bought for £170 17 years ago after unearthing an old railway siding in their garden.
Now, they got 4 sleeper carriages that were turned into a luxurious guest house and most of them where cheaply bought from eBay. Each carriage is complete with all living amenities that users will surely enjoy!