This 11-Year-Old Texas Boy’s Invention Could Prevent Hot Car Deaths

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What were you doing when you were 11? Well, perhaps running around a local park ...

What were you doing when you were 11? Well, perhaps running around a local park with your friends or getting up to mischief at home? One 11-year-old in Texas has invented the device that could prevent hot car deaths.

CBS News reports that, 12 months ago, the local resident Bishop Curry watched the news report about the 6-month-old who died after being left in the hot car.

Immediately after watching this report, Bishop Curry began working on the prototype to stop such needless deaths.

Bishop’s original creation consisted of the fan that could turn on the automatically when the inside of the vehicle reaches the certain temperature and could be placed on the headrest facing the child. According to Curry’s father, Bishop Curry IV, this 11-year-old then added the GPS to the device.

The device detects if car comes to stop, using GPS technology. It then detects if the child is in that car seat, and if the vehicle is heating up.

If all of those things are taking place, well, it blows cold air on the child through the internal cooling system, Curry said.

Not fully satisfied with his initial creation, Bishop Curry then incorporated WiFi into his device, dubbed Oasis, and meaning it is capable of contacting the child’s parents if it is discovered that they have been left in the vehicle.

In the months since launching the GoFundMe campaign in January, Curry has built the 3D model of the device and, with his father, presented it to the number of car seat manufacturers who reportedly showed some interest.

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