13 Most Bizarre Vehicle Graveyards That You Wouldn’t Want To Stay At Night

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If humans have graves then cars that are no longer useful and already considered “dead” have their own wreckyards too and they are actually surprisingly more eerie that human graves. Today we are listing down some of the most notable and probably some of the most enigmatic boneyard/ wreckyards/ junkyards that will surely give you that chills.
These places may consists of an overwhelming amount of abandoned vehicles. Seeing such atmosphere feels like you are being taken in a post apocalyptic environment which is scary yet cool at the same time! Would you dare to explore these places alone? Let’s start listing shall we?

1 Diamond Vehicle Scrapyard in Oranjemun in Namibia – The mining town of Oranjemun in Namibia do not just have 4,000 inhabitants but they also have a deserted land that is filled with an overwhelming and enormous number of rusting vehicles which have been sitting their since 1970s which also includes tanks from World War.
Interestingly, the story behind these vehicles is more intriguing.

According to some research, once a machine is used for diamond harvesting, they are no longer allowed to leave the mine because the company is trying to refrain other people from possibly stealing their gems. As a result, vehicles started to pile up and covers huge amount of space on their land.

2 Train Graveyard in Bolivia – In a small city in the southwest of Bolivia called Uyuni lies a very interesting and definitely one of a kind tourist attraction. It’s their antique train cemetery. The town served in the past as a distribution hub for the trains carrying minerals on their way to the Pacific Ocean ports.
In the early 19th century, big plans were made to build an even bigger network of trains out of Uyuni, but the project was abandoned because of a combination of technical difficulties and tension with neighboring countries.
As a result, many trains and other equipment were left out to rust which has now become one of Bolivia’s well known tourist destination.

3 Ambulance Graveyard in Mojave Desert, California – If we have a cemetery for locomotives in Bolivia, California has a land that is intriguingly filled with abandoned ambulance.
It is very ironic that these vehicles that are merely built for rescue were left with no one to save them from being abandoned and left to rust.