130 Mph Drift Entry Into Corner! Takes Insane Skill

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Since drifting has seriously gained traction over the last few years, people pay ...

Since drifting has seriously gained traction over the last few years, people pay more attention to the details of the sliding car nowadays.

While the slip angles are obviously the key to the audience’s heart, and the corner entry speed is also the important factor here.

While normal drivers don’t drift and the amateur sliders usually play at up to, say, 60 mph, drifting professionals normally take things up to 100 mph, depending on the layout of the track and the particular corner they aim for.

Well, today we are here to show you what happens when things climb one step further. We are talking about the Toyota GT86 drift car in this video, which enters the sideways shenanigan at no less than 136 mph.

This is the kind of speed where things can easily go wrong while trying to drive in the straight line (when not in the racecar, of course), but as you will be able to notice in this video, this is far from the case here – when the drifter blows off the braking distance signs without touching them you know things are just right.

As for the location of the shenanigan we are discussing, this might just be the Rudskogen Motorsenter track in Norway.

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