15 Finest Hot Rods From The Silver Screen!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


The Munster Coach – Munsters

Starting us off on this super fun list is the Munster Coach built especially for the popular television series The Munsters. The vehicle was made from 3 Ford Model T bodies and featured out to a whopping 18 feet in length. The unique custom build features a gloss black pearl exterior paint and “Blood Red” velvet interior.

Although it looks like it would have taken years to build the incredible vehicle only took 30 days to build and $18,000 in building supplies! TALK ABOUT SAVVY!

Tom Daniel was in charge of building all of the vehicles featured on the show and he certainly had a knack for creating unique and jaw dropping creations. The Munster Koach has become so popular that it even has it’s own Facebook Fan page on social media to keep the fans up to speed with its appearances.

There is no question that this build is a true inspiration for builders all throughout the world. The vehicle is a Frankenstein of sorts and a true symbol of the iconic televisions series. Overall, the Munster Coach has captivated the hearts and minds of hot road enthusiasts everywhere making it a perfect choice to start us off on this list!