15 Incredibe Road Trip Hacks That Will Make Your Trip Run Smooth!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


Hide A Spare Key Under Your Car With A Magnetic Key Holder

This life hack is one that we should all do whether we are going on a road trip or not. It is not uncommon for car keys to go missing or get lost. Therefore, it is always smart for you to have a spare key attached somewhere on your vehicle so you can get back into your car and drive away hassle free.

If you have not invested inĀ  a magnetic key holder than you have most likely experienced the inconvenience of calling AAA or being stranded somewhere. It is a huge bummer and a huge inconvenience. Therefore, it is smart to have the magnetic holder handy for whenever you find yourself without your key.

Fortunately they are not hard to find and are considerably cheap. Most home improvement stores will carry them for about three bucks and once you have it in your possession all you need to do is stick your spare key in and attach it to your car and you are good to go!

This hack will give you peace of mind on the road and really help to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible even if the worse case scenario happens. It is always good to be prepared and even though this may seem small it is something you will tank us for if you end up closing your key!