1,500 Bhp Dodge Viper Is The FCA’s Pride And Glory

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Is this the FCA proud and glory – the latest Viper. It may be that our ...

Is this the FCA proud and glory – the latest Viper. It may be that our favorite snake won’t be anymore, but those produced up to this point in time still have a lot to prove. This is a specially prepared Dodge Viper.

Rigged with two turbochargers, its V10 engine is as powerful as the W16 from the Bugatti Chiron. Yes, you are looking here at a car with 1,500hp. That is a lot for anything including the Viper.

What is especially important about this one is the fact that it has a three-pedal setup. The manual transmission in a car as powerful as this is definitely a treat for any driver even if he gets to drive it only on the straight line. While this particular monster is a street legal car, the team who showed it at the Texas Invitational is ready to put it through its paces at the drag strip.

Ok, this time it hunts for the top trap speed and it gets some really impressive numbers. Sure, it is not as mad as the Purple 1,900hp Viper called Barney, but it is a neat machine nevertheless.

Enjoy the Viper while it lasts, we haven’t heard much of its successor. And even if it comes, expect an engine at least half the size.

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