Is The ’17 Mercedes C63 AMG S Better Than The BMW M3?

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The BMW M3 always stood out as a class leading automobile the competitors had ...

The BMW M3 always stood out as a class leading automobile the competitors had trouble keeping up with. However, the industry is constantly evolving, but has the situation changed at the very top?

For years, Mercedes had troubles with their AMG models. Some were too powerful for their own good, others simply weren’t fun enough, but at the end of the day, the results were the same: they lacked the x factor. Still, the brand new ’17 Mercedes C63 AMG S has arrived, and it’s gonna be a bomb.

With a wicked V8 bi-turbo engine under the hood, the Germans are taking all the steps in the right direction. Producing absurd 510 horsepower, this monster is seriously fast! The acceleration numbers tell the same story, as the C63 reaches 60mph from a standstill in only 4.0 seconds!

Naturally, this is still a Mercedes, so the luxurious interior is a must have. With some of the most comfortable seats you’ll ever see, the C63 is so much more than just another weekend warrior. Has the student finally surpassed the teacher?

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