1,800 Cars Rotting In One Place Is The Ultimate In Barn Find And Vintage Car Art

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This is the Cuyama Historical Car Garden. Sort of an art installation filled with ...

This is the Cuyama Historical Car Garden. Sort of an art installation filled with hundreds of cars. More accurately, between 1,200 and 1,800 of them. The owner – T. M. Merkel (not the chancellor of Germany) started it all wishing to create a fine art installation with cars as his exhibits. And he did it.

He was an extraordinary man apparently living in a nearby cabin on the U.S. Forest Service land. Unfortunately, he died in 2016 leaving this amazing Car Garden as the ultimate testament to the art of cars.

In here, an enthusiast can find all the vintage “carporn” anyone could ever want. Some, however, think of this as just a junkyard filled with hundreds of cars that just sit there doing nothing.

However, those visiting the site have different opinions. It is an exhibition of vintage items you cannot find anywhere else in the world.
And at the entrance, a sign reads:

“A creative preservation project based on the oriental rock garden concept on the balance between form and nature. A memorial to the men of machines and to the machines of men. A sanctuary of form, time and witness. Please be respectful, by invitation only, no parts sold, estimated completion 1995.”

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