180hp Alfa Giulia Diesel Faster Than A 317 hp Mustang EcoBoost

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Would you believe that the Alfa Romeo Diesel with 180hp can accelerate faster than ...

Would you believe that the Alfa Romeo Diesel with 180hp can accelerate faster than the Mustang EcoBoost Convertible with its 317hp? Well, it happened on the Autobahn in Germany and we have some nice footage to prove it.

Not only did Giulia make a faster 0-62 mph run, but it also won in a 0-124 mph run.

Sure, Mustang caught up and reached a much higher top speed, but it is quite amazing to see that sensible family small sedan with a freaking diesel inside can do much more at lower speeds.

However, it all may come as a result of quite slow and jerky Mustang automatic transmission. The manual EcoBoost should do much better job.

Plus, imagine this race with a coupe version. In that case, Mustang EcoBoost would have less weight to haul, better aerodynamics and it would have a transmission to send all the horses to the right place in the right way.

In that case, we presume, Alfa would not have any chance. Nevertheless, watching this video will make you question Ford’s way of crafting sport convertible cars! This is a bit sad considering it just lost 0-124 mph fight with a European diesel sedan.

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