1932 12-160A Custom Auburn Is A Work Of Art On Four Wheels!

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If classic cars are your cup of tea, you’re gonna love the video we have in ...

If classic cars are your cup of tea, you’re gonna love the video we have in store for you today. Our old acquittance Jay Leno is back, and he has something special in the store for the day. We are talking about one pristine 1932 12-160A Custom Auburn.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this beauty, as it’s quite rare, only being produced in 2,000 units back in 1932. At the end of the day, this steel behemoth was pretty expensive, so it’s no wonder why it became so exclusive. Furthermore, the fact that it was manufactured during the great depression definitely didn’t help.

Under the hood, we find a massive gas-guzzling V12 engine, which was a proper engineering marvel for the time. All things considered, the 1932 12-160A Custom Auburn was also an incredibly fast ride, perhaps even the second fastest car in the world at the time!

The one you’re about to check out has been fully restored, and it looks like it just left the factory. With the drop-dead gorgeous two tone design, it’s truly a dime piece. What a sublime ride!

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