1963 Ford Galaxie Is A No Frills Car That Can Give Nothing But Thrills

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Restoring a classic car to look like as close as stock sure gives a different kind ...

Restoring a classic car to look like as close as stock sure gives a different kind of appreciable beauty as this 1963 ½ Ford Galaxie. Built by Legens Hot Rod Shop, this Galaxie sports no over-the-top features and everything is kept as clean and as simple as possible.

Every classic ride should represent a body style predominant during their era and not be overshadowed by the ridiculous attention-getters placed and that’s what this Ford Galaxie is probably all about. If you’re not familiar with the looks and specific features of the factory version, then it may be quite tempting to classify this one below as stock. For someone that appreciates simplicity more than anything else, this one can surely give nothing but just pure pleasure.

It stands nice with its light beige color with a nickel finish that really sets things off. Nice wheel choice as well which features a two-tone look to it.

The inside is as classy and as clean as the outside. Just like the exterior, everything in the interior was kept real close to stock whilst changing and customizing several parts of the car. Has some nice things going around the dashboard, clean leather seats without all the crazy headliners and even the carpet was kept somewhat like the factory carpet back in the day.

It has a 5.0 Coyote engine cleanly fitted and installed under the hood.

Better check everything out for yourself with the video shared below and you’ll surely love it too.

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