A 1964 Type 34 Volkswagen Ghia Emerges From Jay Leno’s Garage

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A fresh engine and the some updated styling are the big bits of news that flowed ...

A fresh engine and the some updated styling are the big bits of news that flowed out when the Volkswagen launched its Type 34 Ghia.

It sits on the then-new Type 3 platform and comes packing the 1.5-liter engine. This was essentially the larger and the more luxurious version of the VW Ghia, and it was also pretty darn quick compared to the rest of the automaker’s offerings.

The vehicle was never sold in the United States, and one lives in California and now it is made its customary stop at Jay Leno’s Garage.

Lover of all things air cooled, Matt Jacobsen is the guy who holds the keys to this 1964 Type 34 Ghia. Despite not being sold here in the U.S., it seems that the fair amount of them now reside here.

That is not too crazy really, considering the VW community is rabid for all things and they can get their hands on. And especially when that thing is the rare v-dub that isn’t supposed to be here.

The body was built by Karmann, just like a standard Karmann Ghia. There is more space inside, and the interior trim is upgraded over the regular Ghia.

This specific car boasts a larger engine than the standard unit; the 1,776-cc mill making over 70 hp now resides in the rear of the vehicle and helps provide greater forward motivation.

This is the interesting automobile that resides along the Volkswagen timeline and serves as the great reminder of its history.

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