1967 Chevy Camaro Is One Sexy Package In Red And Silver

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Here’s a sick Camaro that will catch your attention with its body, color, ...

Here’s a sick Camaro that will catch your attention with its body, color, interior and wheels all making a well-balanced package. It’s a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and it features a beautiful combination of red and silver you’ll all gonna love.

This Camaro greets you with its clean look in silver with some gray and pinstripes in red. The cool wide wheels features red stripes that match the ones in the hood and the back. Nothing over-the-top and everything looks almost factory original.

The magic is even greater when you check the looks of the inside. From the headliner to the floor, it’s all pure work of art. It has a vibrant ambiance with all the red and some silver accents. Add the silver stitching and you’ll definitely see a lot of popping details. Well, even the slightest details were not left out just like how the width of the headliner insert matches to the exterior paint work stripe width. Definitely the kind of interior this ride only needs.

Under the hood is a polished supercharged engine well-fitted in a very clean engine compartment. And it has a lot of carbon fiber going on as well.

Better check everything out for yourself with the video below.

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