The 1971 Mercury Cougar Is An Undercover Luxury Racer!

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From the outside, the stunning 1971 Mercury Cougar doesn’t look much ...

From the outside, the stunning 1971 Mercury Cougar doesn’t look much different than any other luxury coupe of its era. However, the hood scoop hints at the thing that separates it from the competition, and it’s the roaring 429 Cobra Jet engine!

While the drop-dead gorgeous design is to be expected of a high-end convertible, the power caught many enthusiasts by surprise. We already mentioned that it sported a massive 429 Cobra Jet engine, but we failed to mention that it was able to produce 370 horsepower along with 450 lb-ft of torque!

Although those numbers don’t appear to be anything special compared to modern vehicles, consider that this ride is over 40 years old! It sure must have left a lot of confused racers in its rear view mirror back in the day.

However, despite all that power, this was still a comfortable cruiser. Well, it was special enough for the notorious Brothers collection, and it definitely earned the title for muscle car of the week! To find out more details on this amazing ride, click on the video below and enjoy the show!

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