20 Cities With Worst Traffic That Will Give You Nightmares

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Aside from being involved in a road accident or in a road rage, another thing that most drivers hate to encounter is when they get stuck in a traffic which will not just waste most of their time but will also kill their sanity especially if they do not have enough patience to bear such irritating congestion!
If you think you’re patience is good enough, then you might want to challenge yourself by hitting any of these cities we listed which are known for having the worst traffic!

1. Antwerp, Belgium – Antwerp is one of the largest cities in Belgium and being one of the most populated city in the country in Europe , traffic jam is just a normal sight in their streets. According to ListTop10s, the commuters wasted 77 hours because of the traffic congestion in Antwerp daily.
The Government is very confident in solving the issue of traffic as new roads are going to be constructed and public transports like buses and railways have been introduced in a larger scale.

2. Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destination in Asia but is also one of the congested cities around the world.
We came across an article stating about a motorist who complained for spending over two hours just for driving a kilometer! Now that’s insane! Can you bear such long wait?

3. Brussels, Belgium – The country must be known for their tempting chocolate but despite of this high reputation with their product, this city in Belgium is also known for infamous traffic conditions.
Brussels is considered by Forbes and Telegraph.UK as one of the cities in the world with worst traffic and I guess the picture above is good enough to prove it!