The 20 Finest Looking Sports Cars Of The Decade!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


2014 BMW Z4 Convertible

Starting the list off is the gorgeous 2014 BMW Z4 Convertible. Equipped with three engines, this hard top convertible is capable of letting out between 200-350HP! If the power was not enough to excite you then the many different features offered certainly will.

The car is available in three different trims including, sDrive28i, sDrive35i and the sDrive28i. The lightweight aluminum top tuck neatly and conveniently in the front trunk and helps add to the sporty look of the Z4.

This stylish coupe has evolved into an incredible roadster since it began it’s life as the Z3. The car is not meant to be a speedy racer, but instead packs quite the punch for those looking for a good amount of power to get you going on those gorgeous roads.

Acceleration is said to be incredibly swift and the designers at BMW certainly put a lot of thought into the eye catching exterior. Overall, this car is an absolute beauty and the perfect choice to help us delve into the 20 finest sports cars on the road.


Audi R8 GT

Nearly every generation of the R8 look similar, but that is because very little needs to be changed about this stunning sports car. The two seater coupe was designed and developed to dominate and turn heads on the streets.

Equipped with the trademark Audi all wheel drive system the car provides a lot of stability on the road and that helps when you are taking advantage of it’s 560HP V10 engine. The Audi R8 is everything you would expect from a successful race car turned street legal masterpiece.

The GT was limited to production of 333 cars worldwide and everyone wanted a chance to ride in the much anticipated GT. The ar was one of the fastest R8’s to have ever hit production and it looked absolutely magnificent doing it.  From style to all around power there is no question that the Audi R8 GT epitomized several of the characteristic we yearn for when purchasing a sports car!


Corvette Stingray C7

Executives from Corvette had the C7 Corvette under wraps for quite a long time. The designers and engineers were dedicated
to releasing an all star sports car and they certainly succeeded.

In 2013 the Corvette Stingray C7 was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show and from that moment consumers fell hard for the sports car.  Designers wanted to keep some nostalgia from the previous Stingray.

However, in many ways they offered new features that helped reinvent the Stingray. In many ways the Stingray topped nearly every other Corvette sports car available at the time. Equipped with 6.2L Small Block V-8 engine the lightweight C7 was capable of producing 455 horsepower.

It was considered one of the finest performing sports cars of the time and received several different accolades including: Automobile of the year in 2014, Performance car of the year in 2013 and several others.

The Corvette Stingray C7 shows the greatness that can come off of the production line when the manufacturers put a lot of time and thought into their creation. The C7 blew everyone’s mind when it was released and to this day it stands as one of the finest sports cars to have ever hit the streets!