20 Old School Vehicles That Are Ideal For Off Road Adventure!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


20. Jeep Wagoneer

For several decades Jeep have been releasing some of the toughest off road vehicles. One of their most popular off road cars was the Jeep Wagoner. It was released in 1963 and immediately impressed consumers thanks to it’s car-like features that provided comfort and practicality. The SUV really seemed to be an all inclusive vehicle that provided families with adventure on the weekends and spacious commuting on regular days.

During 65-69 the car was considered one of Jeep’s most luxurious vehicles thanks to the specious and stylish interior. The vehicle was also equipped with a 327-cubic-inch V-8 paired to a console-shifted automatic when paired with AWD made it an absolute dream on the off road terrain! The Wagoneer used traditional live axles and leaf springs, and as a result it sat lower than any other 4WD vehicle and rode more smoothly.

The vehicle was so successful it was in production for a solid 30 years unchanged before Jeep finally decided to make major revisions to the vehicle. Eventually the Wagoneer evolved into the Jeep Cherokee and continued the legacy of the beloved Wagoneer. Both the Wagoneer and Cherokee have helped Jeep evolve into the successful franchise they have become.

They symbolize amazing off road capability while also providing comfort, safety and practicality for consumers all around the world. Therefore, it only makes sense that it would be the vehicle to start us off on this incredible list of the finest vintage off road vehicles!


19.  Ford Bronco

Off roading was emerging as a popular pass time back in the later sixties and as a result more automotive companies were coming out with durable vehicles that could handle the off road conditions. The Ford Bronco was Ford’s most successful attempt and it was released in 1966. The vehicle had awesome style and an all around fun vibe that really excited consumers.

It was equipped with a powerful Ford V8 which was not necessarily seen on many small 4X4’s. However, it proved to work quite well on the Bronco and became known for it’s comfortable and smooth ride. Broncos were available as roadsters, half-cab pickups, and a wagon with a removable hardtop.

People loved the many different features and options Ford provided for the Bronco and it quickly became one of their most iconic vehicles to have ever hit production. It is a vehicle that provides unlimited fun and adventure for all who decide to get behind the wheel of it. Whether you are looking for a fun off road vehicle or a strong daily driver, the Ford Bronco is sure to impress!


18. Chevrolet Blazer

The Chevrolet Blazer is a truly gorgeous vintage classic that emerged onto the automotive market in the late 60’s. It’s chiseled body offered an aggressive style that intrigued consumers even before getting behind the wheel. The Blazer performed much like a truck, but offered that overall practicality of an SUV.

It was known for its stability on the road and spacious interior that made it fun to drive and easy to adventure in. First Generation Blazers, had awesome removable roofs that really helped to them off as an incredible recreational vehicle.  Although the Blazer is no longer in production it has inspired other Chevy classics including the TrailBlazer and the Tahoe.

The Blazer conquered the streets and off road terrain and looked mighty fine doing it. Fortunately, because the truck shares platforms with many of GM’s pickups it is a car that is easy to repair and keep in great condition.

Overall, the Chevrolet Blazer is a gem of a vehicle and is incredible durable and long lasting. Because the vehicle shares  platforms with GM’s pickups it is incredibly easy to repair and maintain. Therefore it only makes sense that it has remained such a beloved recreational vehicle.