2017 BMW M240i Beats BMW M2 In Autobahn Acceleration Comparison

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Launched to replace the M235i, a M240i 2 Series is much faster than the numbers ...

Launched to replace the M235i, a M240i 2 Series is much faster than the numbers would have you believe.

With a recent facelift that transformed the M235i into the M240i, the BMW 2 Series’ 2,998 cc straight-six twin scroll turbo engine got uprated to 335 hp and 500 Nm of torque.

That makes it more powerful than E46 M3, which had 338 hp and 365 Nm.

With so much grunt lying under a hood, the question is why should anybody go the extra mile for a big daddy BMW M2? Surely the extra 30 hp doesn’t make much difference, right? Well, actually it does, but not the way you would think. Auto Top NL took both vehicles for an Autobahn run in order to test-drive them, measure their acceleration and the result is surprising, to say the least.

In a race from 0 to 100 km/h, the winner is the M2, with the sprint time of 4.3 seconds – albeit the 0.3 difference between the two would have them neck and neck. From about 140 km/h, however, the M240i dramatically turns the tide in its favor.

How can this be explained? Well, for starters, although the M240i has less power, it has 35 Nm more torque (considering the M2 doesn’t use its overboost function, for some reason).

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