2017 VW Passat Vs 2002 VW Passat: Old Vs New Review And Drag Race

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We don’t think US Passat will ever be like the one they have in Europe, ...

We don’t think US Passat will ever be like the one they have in Europe, which is absolutely crazy. But here is the review of the 2017 Passat, which is still not based on MQB platform, and the sedan that was around in 2002.

While 15 separate these two vehicles, they are not miles apart regarding the engines, both offering up 1.8-liter turbos with 170 hp for the sake of this review, done by The Fast Lane Car.

Obviously, a newer model is much more technologically advanced, and it’s also more expensive, even if you consider the inflation. Which is not to say that a current model year isn’t impressive, with its bigger yet lighter body.

As far as drag races go, this has to be the least entertaining one we have seen all year. I mean, we expect a lot more from the newer model, since it has all that torque and a DSG gearbox. But it gets bogged down off the line.

Still, its victory is extremely convincing. And the next time some guy comes up to you with the 2000-something Audi TT, saying his 1.8T has more valves and is thus faster than your new Golf, and you should race him because we think even the 1.4 TSI has what it takes.

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