`18 Mustang Ecoboost Owners Can Get In On The Line Lock Burnout

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Ford is expanding the availability of a Line-Lock feature to the all Mustang ...

Ford is expanding the availability of a Line-Lock feature to the all Mustang models, which means that a 2018 Mustang EcoBoost will be able to lay rubber as easy and as its big V8 brother.

The track-exclusive feature will be standard across a whole 2018 Mustang range and with both a 10-speed automatic and the six-speed manual transmissions.

Moreover, the customers who will opt for a new 12-inch all-digital instrument display will also benefit from the industry-first animation of the spinning wheel burning rubber to indicate when a line-lock feature is being in use –in case the fat clouds of the white smoke aren’t enough.

Burnouts just never get old, and no matter how old you are and how many times you have done them, said Vaughn Gittin Jr., Formula Drift Champion. And who would have thought that we would see the EcoBoost Mustang producing 15 seconds of fury like this? You have got to love these rad things Ford is doing.

The system can be engaged via buttons mounted on a steering; once the driver makes his/hers selection, this system builds pressure on the front brake calipers, and with another button press holding this pressure for up to 15 seconds, and allowing the Mustang to disintegrate its rear tires.

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