2JZ Dragster With A 94mm Precision Turbo Making Over 1000HP! WOW!!!

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We constantly share videos of the powerful vehicles on this website, we definitely ...

We constantly share videos of the powerful vehicles on this website, we definitely don’t plan to stop anytime soon! Anyway, the video below we are sharing with you today is the little bit different, because the star of it isn’t a muscle car, yet the dragster!

Dragsters might be uncommon, but if one thing is certain, it is that these racing vehicles can be RIDICULOSLY powerful! Such is a case with this 2JZ dragster that takes the dyno test!

The creator of this custom built dragster has truly done the remarkable job. This dragster has the full billet aluminum block, courtesy of Mazworx.

Furthermore, the dragster also boasts the 94mm precision turbo from Promod. It is custom built, all of the tuning and motor work has been done at Excessive Autosports.

We can safely presume that these guys are really good at what they do, and being capable of creating this powerful 2JZ dragster! As for the performance on a dyno test, well, it is remarkable!

This vehicle quickly starts accelerating, and after the few seconds, you can hear the demonic sound coming from the engine! With that kind of sound, we can only guess how powerful this 2JZ dragster truly is!

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