3000HP Helleanor Mustang Is The Greatest Barn Find Of All Time!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Without a shadow of a doubt, Helleanor is one of the most beautiful drag racers in ...

Without a shadow of a doubt, Helleanor is one of the most beautiful drag racers in the nation! Apart from being drop-dead gorgeous and insanely fast, this machine is special for another reason. The owner actually discovered this monster in a barn! Oh, how far things have come!

Nowadays, Helleanor is not rotting away forgotten by the world. Instead, it demolishes adversaries on the dragstrips across the nation. However, you’d be surprised to find out that it still sports a heavy metal body, apart from doors and hood which have been replaced by microfiber components. The amazing transformation has turned this ’67 Mustang into a proper rocket! Compared to previous year, it weighs almost 400 lbs less, totaling at around 2800.

Factor in the insane setup featuring a small block 402 and a couple of massive turbochargers and this 3000 horsepower behemoth simply eats up the miles! Right now, it’s only at half power, and yet, most of the opponents are left wondering in the dust. Cannot way to see it at full power! Judging by the initial results from this event, we are in for one wild show!

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