$35,000 Racing Simulator As One Of The Best In The World

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Racing simulators are a big deal nowadays. Nissan even has its Playstation academy ...

Racing simulators are a big deal nowadays. Nissan even has its Playstation academy where the best drivers have a chance to secure a place in a Nissan racing team. Some of them even got to race for real. And all that started because of the PlayStation console.

However, real racing simulators are far more engaging than PlayStation could ever be and this $35,000 simulator is probably the best of them all.

It features three 65-inch LG Curved OLED Displays. These can act as a freaking windshield and side windows without any problems.

They are linked to a massively powerful PC using three GTX Titan graphics cards. That is a lot of rendering power. No wonder even the most demanding racing games can run on full details.

Other important hardware includes Fanatec wheel and pedals mounted on a seat from RSeat. Sure, this thing is hugely expensive and we do not see a lot  of people actually buying the stuff considering how fast technology changes in this industry.

All in all, it would be a blast to try this out. Imagine driving the P1 GTR with it.

Is it better to drive the P1 GTR on it, or to invest in a nice shiny and quite capable Subaru WRX!? Honestly, we’d go for a WRX. And yes – no VR!? Really?

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