4 BEST Manual Transmission Cars Currently On The Market

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Manual transmission vehicles are becoming hard to find these days. At the end of ...

Manual transmission vehicles are becoming hard to find these days. At the end of the day, automatics are definitely a lot easier to handle and some even call them idiot proof. Still, as any experienced automotive enthusiast knows, a proper manual car and a twisty road equal paradise on Earth. Nowadays, there are still a few shining examples of how great these rides can be, and this video focuses on those exact models.

First off, we have the small but punchy Mini John Cooper Works Challenge. A pretty long name for such a tiny car, but this one is far from your daily driver. Although Mini is not known for making monstrous gas-guzzling supercars, this one is a bit different. Don’t believe us? Just listen to that sweet exhaust crackle. How can you not fall in love with it? Apart from that, the sublime manual gearbox is there to put an emphasis on sporty driving. What more can you want?

Ford Focus RS became infamous for its fabulous tire shredding drift mode that some deemed unsafe, but apart from that, it also held a few secrets up its sleeve. Hailed by many as the ultimate driver’s car, you know it just had to have a fantastic manual transmission. Fortunately, Ford engineers didn’t disappoint, and so, this bad boy was born. Are you a fan?

Now we are heading into performance cars territory with the majestic Porsche Cayman GT4. German manufacturer created so many glorious rides over the years that it’s impossible to count them all, and with this one, they just continued the tradition. Honestly, if you never drove one of these, make it a priority, because your mind will be blown. The design might not be to everyone’s taste, but as far as handling goes this vehicle is second to none.

Finally, rounding up our list, we have the jaw-dropping Aston Martin V12 Vantage S. Despite being produced by a brand known most for their stunning design, this one is really something else. While most previous generations were equipped with an automatic gearbox, kind people from Aston decided to give this one a manual, and it was an epic decision, instantly transforming a good car into a brilliant one. What a machine!

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