4 Steps To Defog Your Windshield Twice As Fast With The Science

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Winter’s here, and for lots of us, that means dealing with the foggy ...

Winter’s here, and for lots of us, that means dealing with the foggy windshield full of condensation when we go to start our vehicles.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t take that long for your defroster to clear your windshield, but if you are in a hurry and already late for work, that extra time waiting can feel like the eternity. We don’t want you driving around through a half-obscured windshield like the dingus.

Fortunately, former NASA engineer and current YouTube science guy Mark Rober has figured out the handful of easy tricks that will help you blast fog off the inside of your windshield in half the time. Well, these aren’t old wives tales—this is science.

In the video below, Rober explains exactly what causes water vapor to condense on the inside of your windshield, and using stone-simple visual teaching aides and the explanation that a school kid could understand.

Then, using the series of rigorous scientific experiments that would satisfy the evidence lust of any mechanical engineer, and he tests all the different air conditioning settings you have probably got in your vehicle to find the absolute quickest setting for blasting away the fog.

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