4-Year-Old Baby Biker Has Impressive Motorcycle Skills

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At age four, most kids are still learning basic motor skills and some may pick up ...

At age four, most kids are still learning basic motor skills and some may pick up a sport as they start to develop their hand-eye coordination. In this video, we check out Tima Kuleshov, a four-year-old who appears to be miles ahead of the kids his age in terms of “motor” capabilities, as he takes on the challenging task of riding pocket bikes!

Perhaps you’re thinking that such motorcycles are incredibly scaled down and don’t generate much power. You’re correct to a certain point with regard to comparing pocket bikes to some of the mean machines out there, but these bikes are still quite a handful for such a young kid.

Tima started riding a bicycle before he was two-years-old and worked his way up to a mini motorcycle at just two-and-a-half. A year later, he began competing in Russia because he has no competitors in his native Ukraine. His other hobbies include skiing and trampolining, so clearly he has a taste for speed and danger!

Check out the video below and ride along with the youngster who certainly has a bright future ahead of him in the realm of motorsports.

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