$40 Million Ferrari 250 GTO Crashed In A Classic Cars Race

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Remember that 40$ million Ferrari 250 GTO racing and barely missing a horrific ...

Remember that 40$ million Ferrari 250 GTO racing and barely missing a horrific crash!? Well, at the same race and possibly on the same lap, the car actually had a crash and we have it here on video. What happened is that the iconic Ferrari missed the apex and driver lost the controlled spinning by the side of the track. We cannot begin imagining how much money would it take to make this thing right again.

Nevertheless, this particular Ferrari 250 GTO is the Series II line of cars. Only three were produced which makes it as exceptional as it gets. What is actually impressive about this unit is that the 4399GT chassis caught on video was retrofitted with the 250 LM body sketched by Scaglietti. This almost justifies the insane price of the car. Nevertheless, the car did crash at the race and it crashed into another car as well. It collided with the 1964 AC Cobra. Imagine what a race this is.

The RATT TT Celebration Race actually teamed with insanely rare and expensive cars including the 1959 DBR1, the 1961 DB4 GT Zagato, the all new Aston DB11 and much more. The whole thing was staged at the Goodwood racing circuit in West Sussex, UK.

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