488, SV, Z06, M2… The Loudest Exhausts At VOS Cars!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If you have got a solid speaker system connected to your laptop or PC, you are ...

If you have got a solid speaker system connected to your laptop or PC, you are about to experience sounds that can be both awesome and damaging at the same time.

These exhausts over at VOS Cars are so loud, at one point you can’t even hear YouTuber Shmee150 talk due to the rather angry-sounding Ferrari 488 – probably one of the loudest we have ever heard, without any exaggeration.

As for the other vehicles, there is a very visceral Aventador SV, a Huracan Spyder, the banging Corvette Z06 and the BMW M2, all of them sounding incredibly intimidating, especially a Huracan Spyder which, just like the 488, is the real scorcher.

For those who don’t know, VOS Performance was founded back in 2012, whereas the acronym VOS stands for Vision of Speed. Well, you can find them at their headquarters in Neckarwestheim, Germany, near Stuttgart.

During his visit there, Shmee also got the chance to drive the loud and ridiculously aggressive-looking BMW M2. Quality over quantity when it comes to exhaust noises to me.

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