This ’49 Ford F1 Truck Looks Junk But Wait Till You See What’s Inside

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The thumbnail for this video may seem uninviting but as they say, you do not judge ...

The thumbnail for this video may seem uninviting but as they say, you do not judge a book simply by its cover. The video features a 1949 Ford F1 pickup truck and its mother nature created real patina look actually houses a coolness you are yet to know.

If you belong to those that find real patina a cool thing, then this Ford truck below is a legit one. It has the rough and rugged look in the outside created naturally in the passing of time. There’s actually no work done on the body and it’s all pretty much how it was when the owner got it. Looks like junk but the stance is superb on this one. It sports a wide wheel that has a nice touch in it which looked like the cone of a speaker with the dust cap in the center.

Not everything is left untouched though as comfort was never overlooked on the inside. Open the doors and you’ll be surprised with the clean and beautiful ambiance of the interior in red. It has got a cool bench seat in red with an aluminum frame. It wears the flat red color really well highlighted by some nice add-ons. You’ll be greeted by a custom-made gauge cluster and you can’t help but notice that fancy little box too with some protruding cylinders in it.

What’s under the hood is as clean as the interior too with it fitted by a 429 big block Ford. No sign of patina and all smoothed up like the firewall and the inner fenders. It’s got some custom things going around too like the custom headers, aluminum radiator, custom exhaust, etc.

Check everything out for yourself with the video shared below.

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