5.9 Cummins Sounds Incredible In A Tunnel

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

It is enough to hear a turbocharger of this Cummins and you will know what to ...

It is enough to hear a turbocharger of this Cummins and you will know what to expect later in the video below. This is one modified Cummins engine that is giving great sound from a turbo and from the exhaust too.

It can give the truck quite the acceleration on the road, and making it very fast and race able too. The owner is one young pal who just wants to have fun on the road that is why he is taking this amazing video.

Nobody saw this coming, but when he entered the tunnel with his 5.9-liter Cummins this driver pushed the gas pedal to the floor of the truck, launching it forwards.

The other contestants in the traffic on a road are left behind, and they cannot believe how fast this truck is and how he passed them in the tunnel.

Some of them needed to cover their ears so that their hearing is not damaged by a roar of the engine.

As we know in the tunnel the sounds are amplified and the engine sounds even louder than it really is outside the tunnel. Great modifications done by this owner though. We dig it, do you?

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That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.