5 Things That Ford Messed Up With The New Mustang GT!

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Let’s get one thing out of the way real quickly. While the new Ford Mustang ...

Let’s get one thing out of the way real quickly. While the new Ford Mustang GT is undoubtedly a brilliant ride, no car out there is perfect. Eddie and Parker from Youtube channel Vehicle Virgins were never afraid to speak their mind, and today, they are here to explain what’s wrong with the latest GT.

First of all, while other manufacturers do their best to make their vehicles as light as possible, Ford actually increased the weight by about 200lbs, compared to the previous model. The performances are not an issue due to the powerful engines and the modern suspension, but it would’ve been even better if not for the added pounds.

Furthermore, all muscle cars are known for sounding brilliant, but that’s not really the case with this one. The stock exhaust system is just way too quiet, and that’s a fact. Fortunately, this problem is easily fixable with the aftermarket parts, but it’s a shame they didn’t do it at the factory. A slightly bigger problem can be found with the gearbox. Although it is light years ahead of the previous generation, it’s still far from perfect.

Would you be willing to suck it up and buy this amazing ride, or are these things a deal breaker? Let us know in the comment section below.

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