5 WICKED Machines You Have To See To Believe!

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Technology is moving at an incredible pace, and hardly a day goes by without huge ...

Technology is moving at an incredible pace, and hardly a day goes by without huge strides being made. Automotive enthusiasts are noticing these changes on their rides, as they are becoming more digital with each new model, for better or worse.

However, the truth is that machines are getting more sophisticated then ever before. With that in mind, we found this video displaying 5 astonishing contraptions you probably never even heard of. How great would it be to have your personal table tennis partner whenever you desire? Japanese mega electronics company called Omron created a fully functional robot built for that exact action. It even got them the highly coveted Guinness World Record Certificate! Talk about a useful invention!

If that seems useless, we have to admit that you do have a point. However, NASA X-43A Aircraft is a machine with huge potential. Eventually, scientists claim that this monster will be able to complete a trip from Tokyo to New York is just two hours! Think of how much time that can save! Are you not curious to check it out in action?

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