This ’51 Crosley Might Be The Only Thing Illogical That’s Way Cool

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Not all builds need to make sense just to be appealing and cool. Here’s one ...

Not all builds need to make sense just to be appealing and cool. Here’s one great example of a crazy build best described and summarized by its name and it’s a 1951 Crosley hot rod called the “Twisted Clown”.

Crosleys are offered quite cheap from the factory and this one might probably be lighter than the engine fitted on it. It’s restored pretty nice with it wearing a red paintwork and a matching white-letter tires and wide rear wheels. The hood up front has been removed giving anyone a clear view of the interesting engine setup. It’s got some wheelie bars too for the unbalancing blast that’s may be too much for its light body.

Going inside unveils an interior with the all-business setup. It features bench seats, roll cage and a cool steering wheel that’s straight taken from a boat.

This can’t be cool if not for the supercharged 331 motor readily visible up front. Nothing over-the-top and just all the nice goodies for a fun ride. It delivers around 500 HP and boy you definitely need to see the blast it brings to this little ride. Check it out below!

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