6 Awesome Car Mods Your Neighbors Won’t Appreciate

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Performing awesome mods to your vehicle might be an ideal way to get a car of your ...

Performing awesome mods to your vehicle might be an ideal way to get a car of your dreams for just a few bucks. However, there are some downsides, and the most obvious one would probably be the noise which will turn your neighbors against you.

The video you are about to see named 6 of the most famous ones. For start, we have the blow-off valve. To a car enthusiast this is the most glorious sound ever, and yet we somehow doubt that everyone shares our opinion. Next in line are straight pipes, producing spine-tingling roar that will set your neighbors berserk. Honestly, train horns are not something you see every day, and there is really no need to explain why some might find this annoying.

Rev limiters will certainly transform any car into a racing beast! At least that is, when it comes to sound. Performances? Not so much. Straight cut gears are too extreme even for a lot of enthusiasts, let alone regular people. Finally, rounding up the list are rolling coal mods, which are bad for the environment, but look so damn impressive! Would you sport any of these mods?

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