6 Things You Didn’t Know You Were Doing Wrong When Driving Fast

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When it comes to blasting down the canyon road or perhaps a highway, things like ...

When it comes to blasting down the canyon road or perhaps a highway, things like awareness, and discipline and a bit of skill will go the long way towards keeping you safe.

There are also the few basic notions that, if followed, and will ultimately increase your chances of staying out of trouble even if you are engaging in some spirited driving.

These, and according to Car Throttle, are related to a driving position, the hand position, line of sight, the driving style and of course timing, because not every location is suitable for you and to channel your inner racing driver.

Even though you are probably familiar with most of the tips you will be getting in the video below, the fact that the reviewer brings up coasting is quite interesting.

Whether you are attacking the corner on the track or the bend on the public road that allows for more aggressive driving, lifting your foot of a throttle could make the vehicle feel unbalanced.

However, if you are either accelerating or braking, that will help keep the vehicle under load, which is how you want it.

You can watch the video below right after the jump and, who knows – maybe you will discover something that you have been doing wrong all this time and didn’t know it.

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