7 Cars The INSANE Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Destroys From 0-60mph!

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What happens when you take a massive supercharged V8 engine, and put in inside the ...

What happens when you take a massive supercharged V8 engine, and put in inside the body of a huge Jeep? Well, it appears that we’re about to find out. Meet the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, the most bonkers machine we’ve seen in ages.

This monstrosity shares the same 707 horsepower engine found in Dodge Hellcat, and the results are pretty epic! Don’t get us wrong, we expected to see a spectacle, but this beast even caught us by surprise! Seriously, just look at some of the numbers behind it. Not even some supercars are able to rival these wicked figures.

Do you think we’re joking? Well, we’ve got a video in store which claims otherwise. Despite the huge curb weight, the Trackhawk accelerates from 0-60mph in only 3.5 seconds! Sure, it won’t be any good on the track, due to being very tall, but when it comes to straight line speed, it’s absolutely otherworldly.

Folks from Youtube channel Car Throttle decided to investigate this even further, and they’ve made a list of 7 most insane rides the Trackhawk would leave in the dust. Care to take a peak?

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