700HP Supra Making Some Epic Sounds On And Near The Nurburgring

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According to the Touristenfahrten rulebook, drifting is verboten on a Nurburgring. ...

According to the Touristenfahrten rulebook, drifting is verboten on a Nurburgring. However, there are enough drivers who go for the occasional slide, and as rules on slip angle shenanigans can only be so strict.

Case in point with this Toyota Supra shown in this video. Actually, given the fact that this is the drift car, this driver might even have the excuse prepared in case he needs to explain his dancing moves.

We get to see the Mk IV Supra sliding its way through Brunnchen, with the machine acting a bit like the dragon, spitting flames before and after the sideways shenanigan.

This guy behind the wheel seems to go for what can be labeled as the safe drift line and while you shouldn’t expect amazing slip angles, well, the tire marks left on the track are consistent.

What does it take to turn the Supra into the drift car? Well, in this case, we are looking at the infamous 2JZ setup. The straight-six, which has been gifted with the forged internals, is working with the Precision PT6266 turbo, which allows it to deliver 700 horsepower.

Keep in mind that this is the power at the wheels, so we are looking at north of 800 horses at the crank.

The spotted behind the video below also took the time to talk about Green Hell spectators’reaction to this drift machine: The crowd went wild for this Toyota Supra, especially when he drifted and shot some insane flames!

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