707HP Challenger Hellcat Vs Tesla Model S P100D In 1/4 Mile Drag Race

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Nowadays, the drag racing world is moving faster than ever and we are not just ...

Nowadays, the drag racing world is moving faster than ever and we are not just talking about trap speeds, but also to the way in which drag strip adventures can spread the word on the vehicle’s abilities. Let’s take the Tesla Model S P100D, for instance, and which has already become the sprinting phenomenon.

We are here to show you the freshest adventure involving the world’s quickest production car and we will do this with the help of the battle that has already become a classic – the EV dukes it out with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

You might remember this Mopar hero from the drag race that saw it being thrown at the Ferrari 458. The muscle vehicle is stock, but it has received the pair of drag radials. And, to ensure its driveshaft doesn’t become the confetti canon due to all the drag strip wear and tear, the owner has replaced it with the reinforced one.

As for the state of the Model S, this might be in factory stock form, and things should change soon. With the calendar now showing the final month of the year, we have the alert set for Tesla topics.

Sure, we always try to get our hands on the freshest Palo Alto-related subjects, but there’s the particularly speedy one that needs our attention right now.

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