This ’71 Corvette Is Probably The Coolest Modernized Stingray You’ll See

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Receiving over a hundred subtle modifications, this awesome build is probably the ...

Receiving over a hundred subtle modifications, this awesome build is probably the coolest modern remake of a third generation Corvette you’ll see. It’s a 1971 Chevrolet Corvette built by Heartland Customs and it features a harmonic balance of old and new that’s both badass and kickass.

First on its many notable features is the striking paintwork that’s a PPG Deltron base red with candy red clear and matte Steel Cities gray stripes. All lights were converted to LED and HID fixed units were installed just under the front bumper to replace the headlights. Turn signals are placed both on the front and on the fenders just like the ones in the new Audis. The grilles are CNC-machined and it has custom emblems all over with a matching custom-made gas cap. Everything is just modernized without losing the classic Stingray feel it has.

The inside of this Corvette is all modern-looking having that supercar ambiance in it. It has a custom-programmed touchscreen which controls everything on the inside to replace all the switches and buttons. The vintage air-conditioning system and the cool hidden gun holder are just two of the features you can control through the screen. How cool is that?

A GM LS3 427 small block engine with a Magnussen supercharger is what propels this beauty. A modern transmission and chassis back everything in this build too. Well, there’s just so much awesomeness this article can’t cover so better check it out for yourself through the video below.

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