750 HP GT-R and Widebody Twin Turbo 458 Challenged By Turbo Civic

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If you`re having a beast like a 750 horsepower Nissan GTR challenged by some ...

If you`re having a beast like a 750 horsepower Nissan GTR challenged by some jaw-dropping beast like the Twin Turbo Ferrari 458, or another hypercar, like the Lambo Gallardo, of course, that you would want to race!

Owning such a powerful and fast as hell ride means that you will be running upon such challenges on a regular basis. And not just by supercars, like the above-mentioned monsters.

As you`re going to see in the video below that we have prepared for your pleasure today, guys with all kinds of boosted rides would want to challenge it. Random guys with cars like the highly tuned Turbo Honda Civic…

Of course, that one does not have to be the genius to come to the conclusion that this is what you`re going to see in this video. And believe me, it will be worth of your time.

That is, of course, if you enjoy watching such scenes and jaw-dropping rides. So, without too much of unnecessary chit chats, we are going to leave you to watch this video in peace, and enjoy these toe to toe performances on the highway, of that awesome black GTR R35.

Besides the above mentioned Honda Civic, the main focus is on the yellow Lambo beast, and a jaw-dropping Twin Turbo Ferrari 458, that comes with the classic red paint job.

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