760HP Mercedes-AMG GTS PP-Performance – Flames And Drag Racing!

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The Mercedes-AMG GT is not grabbing headlines the way it did when it came out. ...

The Mercedes-AMG GT is not grabbing headlines the way it did when it came out. Well, we decided to change that with the video about the fastest tuned version in the world.

PP-Performance is rapidly turning into the drag racing specialist for AMG cars. They even make some sick SUVs, and the GT S kept things light in the weight department and overpowered under the hood.

During the shooting of the video below, the car did a 10.5 second quarter mile pass with the trap speed of 217.59 km/h.

Boy, those Abu Dhabi people can make the great track, but they can’t settle on the measuring system. However, it set the new world record of 10.2 seconds only moments before that.

You’re looking at a bucking bronco of the GT that even uses methanol injection in addition to the custom ECU, downpipes, and turbochargers.

But if that sounds like the intense, unreliable mixture to you, PP-Performance is only too glad to show you something else. And they have been working on the GT S since 2015, after all.

A simple upgrade of ECU is said to free up another 100 hp for a total of 610 PS and 765Nm (564 lb-ft).

That’s enough to get you to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and on to a supercar-like top speed of 324km/h (201mph).

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