8 Second GT-R By Topspeed Takes On 7 Second 240SX And An Integra

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Short of the genuine dragster, road cars that can run in the low 8’s or high ...

Short of the genuine dragster, road cars that can run in the low 8’s or high 7’s are extremely hard to compete against.

And lucky us, that’s exactly the type of match-up we have here, an 8-second Nissan GT-R going up against the 7-second Nissan 240SX, two lightning quick vehicles that actually seem to be very well matched.

Also, after they race each other, the Nissan GT-R goes on to challenge an Acura Integra, but we will let you see how every car did in terms of 1/4 mile times, without giving anything away.

On its second run, the Nissan GT-R seemingly gets off to a much better start, even though the top speed reached at the 1/4 marker is pretty much identical in both runs.

Well, let us know what type of tuned supercar or stock hypercar you would feel comfortable with taking on the likes of these two Nissans.

Also, don’t mind the Nissan 240SX crossing the line first since these were timed runs and the GT-R driver’s slower reaction time off the line don’t necessarily mean his overall time was compromised.

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