800HP Camaro Vs. Mustang – Your Opponent Has Double Your Horses!

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In the world of racing, the Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang rivalry is one of the ...

In the world of racing, the Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang rivalry is one of the greatest in the automotive industry and definitely not matched by many.

This is the classic American car battle that is going on for quite some time now and it’ll definitely continue to be the ultimate rivalry into the distant future.

We’re always hyped up when both of these brands announce something new and wait with the big anticipation how their latest machines will compare to each other. Well, in this one, we have one example of this glorious rivalry where one extremely powerful Camaro 800 horsepower has the upper hand.

So, having said that, the video below does not indicate that the Camaro is the better brand. This is not the fair comparison by any means when you take in mind that the Camaro is heavily tuned and has 800 hp at its disposal.

The Mustang on the other hand is probably completely stock. We just decided to share the video with you about how versatile the Camaro can be when it comes to tuning.

Now, as you probably expect, a heavily tuned Camaro blasted away for nowhere to be seen. At the end of this race, the Camaro 800 horsepower driver tells the Mustang driver how much horses his vehicle exactly has. You can guess the expression on the Mustang driver`s face!

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