80’s Hatchback Corolla with GIANT Turbo Sticking Out of the Hood!

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The guys from 1320video headed back to Qatar and saw something quite ...

The guys from 1320video headed back to Qatar and saw something quite extraordinary, something they don’t normally see in the U.S. – a 1983 Toyota Corolla hatchback¬†sporting a CRAZY 2JZ swap, capable of 1600 horsepower!

The car is pretty damn cool… from the GIANT turbo jutting out of the hood, to the peculiar body style and skinny tires, you simply can’t immediately fathom what you’re looking at! What’s more, it’s like a rocket on wheels, annihilating one opponent after another at the Qatar Racing Club.

For the Final Race, the ’80s hatchback¬†Corolla was pitted against a TB48 Mustang, but the latter seemed to have known its fate and won’t start, handing over the crown to the Corolla without even breaking a sweat. Watch the video and see for yourself how things played out. Enjoy!

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